Tile and Grout Cleaning in Scarborough, ON

Do you have broken or loose tiles in your home? This can tend to happen as your home settles over time, something heavy gets dropped on it, or the tile not having been bonded correctly. These can cause frustrations when you see a crack in your beautiful kitchen floor. Scarborough, ON has a trusted friend in the tile and grout business though. Grout Restoration Works is able to re-bond loose tiles and replace cracked tiles. In the past when there was a cracked tile in the floor it meant that the whole floor would have to be replaced. This is a very expensive solution.

Grout Restoration Works has certified technicians that can come in and take the grout out of the surrounding loose tile and pull it up then grind down the original mortar that is on the tile and floor board. After doing this we are able to re-bond the tile and then re-grout the surrounding area with the exact matching grout color. It is similar when replacing a cracked tile. Once we pull it up we just have to grind down the original mortar on the floor board and then bond the replacement tile to it. Afterwards we finish with re-grouting the surrounding area.

This technique is priced at a fraction of the cost that it would take to replace your whole kitchen floor. Grout Restoration Works has the desire to make such repairs affordable to all. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with each job that we do. Before we leave each home we make sure that you are happy about the work we have done. Grout Restoration Works provides free home estimates so call us today to schedule one!

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