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How to Pick a Backsplash

How to Pick a Backsplash?

When you’re renovating your kitchen, you might have your countertops all picked out and ready to go but haven’t thought much about the backsplash that will go with it. We want to help you make the right choice when it comes to picking out what will look best... [read more]

How do You Get Mold Off Your Grout

How do You Get Mold Off Your Grout?

Most times when people see mold they see it in their showers at the seams where a nice thin strip of caulking lays. However, there is another spot where mold can grow and that is on the grout itself. That might come as a shock though. It is... [read more]

Keeping Your Tile Floor Clean the Right Way

Keeping Your Tile Floor Clean the Right Way

Cleaning tile flooring seems like an easy task but as you go about doing so there seems to be some trouble throughout the years. There just seems to be a buildup of dirt that makes the grout lines dark black or brown even though you’ve been cleaning it... [read more]

What Kind of Tile is Right for You?

Have you ever gone into the store and there were too many options or sometimes not enough? We get frustrated when there isn’t enough and overwhelmed when there are too many. Tile has many different options to choose from. When considering re-tiling your bathroom or kitchen its important to... [read more]

Should You Pick Tile or Carpet

Should You Pick Tile or Carpet?

Doing inside renovations to the home is common in the winter. You’re able to work inside and make your home look beautiful. When it comes to updates to the flooring of your home you might be caught between which material to put down. Carpet and tile are of... [read more]

Keeping Your Shower Clean

Keeping Your Shower Clean

We use the shower almost every day. For something that we use every day by multiple people it’s important to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance of it. When a shower is not kept up with there can be a lot of calcium, mold, and hard water... [read more]


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