Keeping Your Shower Clean

Keeping Your Shower Clean

Cleaning and restoring grout are important aspects of any home’s upkeep. Tile is built to last, but grout can begin to show its age with fractures, stains, and grime. Grout Restoration Works specializes in cleaning, sealing and restoring your tiled areas to their former glory.

We use the shower almost every day. For something that we use every day by multiple people it’s important to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance of it. When a shower is not kept up with there can be a lot of calcium, mold, and hard water stains that build up. These simple tips can be applied after the last person showers. This will help to keep you shower looking clean and beautiful.

Mold can start to grow in various places in your shower. The most common place for it to grow in the corners in your shower. This is common with caulking as time goes by but what you may have not known is that mold can grow on grout lines as well. To keep mold from growing on caulking and grout make sure to wipe your shower down after the last person has showered for the morning and/or night. The excess water that isn’t cleaned up causes mold to grow over time. Mold feeds off moisture.

Calcium build up is also very common in showers that have tile or stone on the floor. Calcium build up happens because of the minerals that are in the water. When that water sits on the floor of stone or tile then calcium starts to build up. You’ll notice white lines on the grout start to show up and can’t be removed. To avoid this, you want to make sure that you wipe up the shower floor where the water sits. This will help to prevent any calcium from building up.

Hard water stains are not easy to clean off. More than that hard water stains can form on any surface such as metal, glass and tile. For each of the surfaces you’ll want to essentially do the same thing which it to dry off the surfaces that the water is on. For glass or plastic doors, you’ll want to take a squeegee them after the last shower. Make sure to also wipe off the metal frame as well. When water starts to build up on the doors, tile, and metal then it can be very hard to get it off. So, it’s better to be proactive from the beginning.

So now that you know to wipe down your tile walls, floor, doors, and metal after the last person has used the shower you’re in good shape. This will help you to keep your grout and tile clean. Instead of waiting till your shower needs a lot of work done to get rid of mold, calcium, and hard water stains do a little cleaning every day. Grout Restoration Works continues to help people clean and restore their tile and grout back to their natural beauty. If your shower is already in bad shape then give us a call today! We give free home estimates!

By Grout Restoration Works 3-9-2021

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