Pros and Cons to Tile Countertops

Pros and Cons to Tile Countertops

Tile has limitless potential in a home setting. From flooring to shower walls to backsplashes, it is a reliable and beautiful material. Tiles can even be excellent additions to countertops. If you want to know more about the pros and cons of tiled countertops, keep reading.

Pros to Tiled Countertops

If you love a good creative challenge, tile countertops are very DIY friendly. This gives you license to play around with colors and even mosaics. This is a major pro for some but maybe not for others. Slab countertops, on the other hand, almost always require professional installation.

Another benefit to tile in the kitchen is the fact that it is heat resistant. This means that you can cook near tile and even sit hot pots on tile without fear of them becoming damaged or scorched.

A third benefit to tile countertops is the array of choices you have. You are not bound to a selection of two or three colors with tile as you are with some stone countertop slabs. Sizes, colors, patterns, and shapes are nearly endless when it comes to tile. Ultimately this means that you can find something you love and that is unique to your space.

Cons to Tiled Countertops

Although tiling a counter on your own is easier than installing other countertop options, there is still room for error. If not installed with forethought and care, you could wind up with less than ideal finishes. Lumpy surfaces, appealing patterns, and more can result without care.

For some, grout is a major con to tile countertops. Grout is porous and more prone to staining as a result of coffee and wine spills. Grout can also require a bit of elbow grease to clean.

A final con to consider when contemplating tile counters is the fact that tiles can become chipped when met with heavy force. For example, a heavy pot that crashes onto your counter can result in a chipped tile.

In summary, there are pros and cons to everything. If you think that tiled countertops are the right choice for you, remember to reach out to Grout Restoration Works when your counters need maintenance or repair!

By Grout Restoration Works 7-1-2022

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