Water Damage in Your Shower

Tile and grout are placed in very specific places in the home because of how well they hold up against water and high traffic areas for years to come but that doesn’t mean that it’s golden without any work or maintenance to it. Without taking the time to take care of your tile and grout, especially in your shower, can have serious consequences. We are going to investigate the consequences of not taking care of your shower the way it needs to be and what it would take to getting it back into a healthy condition again. Grout Restoration Works has done numerous amounts of projects bringing showers back to life and in good health.

Mold growth happens slowly but progressively so it’s not so noticeable to the eye when it starts to happen. Then a year goes by and you’re wondering when these black spots started to show up. We have seen many showers where it even gets this far and there is still nothing done about it. Or maybe one day you look at your grout and you see that there is a small portion of it missing. Many people think that it’s ok for a bit but then as time goes by more and more will start to crumble out. Grout is a porous material on its own which is why there is a sealer applied to the grout to protect it from water. When your sealer has degraded then you’ve lost an essential line of defense but if your grout has fallen out then you’re just leaving your shower wide open for water damage.

When you have water seeping behind your tile continually it doesn’t take long for the board to become compromised and mold to grow. Once mold starts in a dark damp space it will grow like a wild fire. When it has gone this far then it’s time to fix it. We aren’t just talking about putting your grout back in, drastic measures need to be taken. Your tile needs to be taken off, cleaned, the board removed, and a new board put in. Afterwards the tile can then be put back on and re-grouted.

No one wants it to get this far and must spend the money on fixing your shower. Regularly cleaning your shower not only help to protect it but it also helps you to do routine checks on your tile, grout, and caulking. This will then help you to see when your shower is in need of repairs at first start of breaks, cracks and the like. It is also pertinent to regularly have your tile and grout thoroughly cleaned and sealed. This seems like a lot, but it will save you money in the long run. Grout Restoration Works can help you whether your shower has water damage, needs to be cleaned or sealed. Call us today for a free estimate or fill out our online request!

By Grout Restoration Works 3-13-2019

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