How to Get Rid of Grout Haze

How to Get Rid of Grout Haze

Have you ever had a tile installation freshly grouted? Then you may have come across this problem. Right after and sometimes for days later, everything will look nice and perfect until suddenly a hazy film develops on your tiles. This is commonly referred to as a grout haze and it happens when grout is not completely cleaned off your tiles.

Grout haze happens after a tile installation when the whole surface is covered with grout. Even after the excess has been removed from the surface, little portions of grout can remain, leaving a dull white film behind. Removing this film is a little bit trickier than ridding grout of dirt and grime, which is why we want to share a few tips with you on how to do it.

How to remove grout haze

You will need four tools to have the job done. Here are the methods used for removing grout haze:

•A rubber grout float

•Water and cheesecloth

•Diluted vinegar and a nylon scrub pad

•Commercial grout haze remover

Things to consider before starting the process

•Allow the grout to harden properly: Ensure that the tile surface has dried properly before you try to remove any haze.

•Determine if the grout used is epoxy-based or not: This is because epoxy-based grout is hard and strong, and you will need a commercial cleaning product to do a good job.

Method 1: Use cheesecloth and water to remove grout

Make sure you put on rubber gloves to protect your hand as you deep them into the cheesecloth. Wring through because a lot of water can damage grout. After that, wipe the surface using a towel or cheesecloth.

Method 2: In case the damp cloth doesn’t lift the grout haze, break out the rubber grout float

Check your tool bag and get into the surface with a damp tilling sponge. Buff the whole area with the help of cheesecloth. You can then shine a flashlight to see if there is still any dark and sticky residue.

Method 3: Enlist vinegar

If your tile is ceramic, then you can use a vinegar solution to wipe out grout haze. Depending on the surface that must be covered, you can use a soft nylon pad or mop. Use pure water to clean the area after a vinegar-water solution.​

Method 4: select and use the right commercial product

In case you choose to use a chemical cleaner, ensure your face is covered with a protective mask. You should also carefully follow the instructions for using the commercial product.

Grout Restoration offers a wide range of services including regrouting, cleaning and sealing, caulking, staining and tile replacement. If you are still having trouble removing grout haze after trying out these suggestions, give us a call!

By Grout Restoration Works 5-11-2022

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