What Kind of Tile is Right for You

Have you ever gone into the store and there were too many options or sometimes not enough? We get frustrated when there isn’t enough and overwhelmed when there are too many. Tile has many different options to choose from. When considering re-tiling your bathroom or kitchen its important to take note of the different types of tiles. Not all tile is suitable for each person or family. Doing research about each one helps in knowing what will be best for your home and that specific room. Grout Restoration Works wants to help in providing that information.

Ceramic Tile

These types of tiles come in a plethora of options as to size, color, texture, and patterns. When it comes to wanting options to choose from this is an excellent place to start. Ceramic tile is composed of natural elements like minerals, white sand or clay. Ceramic tiles are not all porcelain. This is a key factor that you’re going to want to take note of. Porcelain tiles are notorious for being resistant to stains and resilient. Non-porcelain tiles don’t have the same properties, but they are at a good price point. Both are easy to install. The reason to take into consideration whether it is porcelain or not is because there are rated durability levels that help you to know what will be good for home called Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI).

Natural Tile

Marble, limestone, slate, marble, granite and other natural materials would be considered natural tiles. They each have different properties lending themselves to being better in some places of your house while other places might not be ideal for them. Granite is a good choice when it comes to kitchens because of it being scratch resistant when kept up with its need to be polished. A contrast to this would be marble. It tends to be porous, making it one of the least recommended for the kitchen.

Natural tile can also take on the look that you so desire when you consider that there are different finishes to choose from. You have a matted look if you want traction throughout the home. The other extreme to that would be a high polished look. This makes it glossy and shiny but also offers a slippery floor. The in-between to this would be a natural finish. Tile can be hard to pick. You will want something that will last and continue to look beautiful as time goes by. Grout Restoration Works wants to help you in maintaining your tile so that it always looks as good as the day that you had installed. We are able to do just that with our specialized green cleaning. In addition to this we are able to replace cracked tile and grout at a fraction of the cost it would be to replace the whole floor. Call us today! We give free home estimates.

By Grout Restoration Works 12-6-2017

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