Why Tile Backsplashes Are Great

Why Tile Backsplashes Are Great

Not only are tiled backsplashes functional, but they are also an opportunity to let your style shine. Unsure of if a tile backsplash is something you should skip or not? Consider these ways that a tile backsplash can benefit your kitchen.

Pest Prevention

Pests enjoy many of the same things we do, like food. Which is why the kitchen is a place where pests are especially drawn to. Many pests can find entrance into your main living areas through cracks. When you install a tile backsplash, however, that is one less place for cracks to exist and for pests to come through.


The kitchen is a very utilitarian space. It is used often in most households and has exposure to a variety of potentially damaging elements on a regular basis. Things like grease splatter from cooking and water are damaging elements that your kitchen walls are regularly exposed to. Water is well known to cause lasting damage and grease can leave behind unsightly stains even after cleaned up. A tile backsplash lets you use your kitchen without fear by protecting your walls from damage and by making cleanup easier. When grease gets caked on, all you need to do is wipe it away.


Just because a kitchen is a utilitarian space does not mean that it cannot also be beautiful. Adding tile backsplash is the perfect way to bump up the aesthetic of your kitchen to suit your style. There are so many different combinations of grout and tile that you can choose from so it makes it easy to create a look that is unique to you. And because backsplashes are relatively small areas, this project ranks low in cost compared to larger tile installation projects.

Overall, we believe that tile backsplashes are a wonderful and essential part of any kitchen. When your tile needs professional care or repair, call the experts at Grout Restoration Works. Don’t settle for cracked tiles and grout. Let us restore your grout and tile back to its original beauty.

By Grout Restoration Works 12-1-2021

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