Are Grout Pens Effective?

Are Grout Pens Effective?

We are always on a quest for easy, cost-effective solutions to problems. Dirty and unsightly grout is certainly one such problem. A possible solution to this problem that you may have heard of are grout pens. If you are not quite ready to re-tile but you are tired of looking at dirty grout, grout pens seem like the perfect solution! But are they worth the hype? Do they actually work? Let’s discuss that.

What Are Grout Pens?

A grout pen's main purpose is to add a waterproof coating directly over your existing grout. Grout pens are designed with a felt angled tip along with a long, thin canister of solution. This makes it incredibly fast and easy to line your grout with the product. They are available in a range of colors so that you can color match it to the grout you have. Two coats are usually recommended for the best results.

Grout pens excel at handling small jobs or tackling quick changes. It is important to note that they are not designed as permanent solutions.

Let’s say your grout has a few ugly stains that you want to cover over. A grout pen would be great for this job. Because stains are just cosmetic scars and do not affect the function of your grout, you don’t have to invest money in grout replacement to fix the issue. Simply apply two coats of the grout pen solution over the blemish to restore its look.

What if you want to switch up the look of your grout but are not confident of what you will like? A grout pen would also be great for this application. If you want to see if black grout would look good with your subway tile, a grout pen will allow you to test out the look. If you do not like it, changing it or letting it fade is easy. But if you do like it, then you know that having your grout professionally stained will be worth it.

So, are grout pens effective? For their intended purpose, yes they are. But they are not going to provide you with professional results. When you need a quick cosmetic fix, pick up a grout pen, and when you need professional cleaning and repairing, call Grout Restoration Works.

By Grout Restoration Works 4-1-2022

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