When to Use What Type of Caulking

When to Use What Type of Caulking

We get a lot of questions about what kind of caulking should be used in different places in your home. With so many different types of caulking and homeowners now doing their own projects at home it will be essential to know this information. We will reference 4 different types of caulking in our blog today: 100% silicone caulking, unsanded caulking, sanded caulking, and painters caulk. Going through this will help you better understand what you need for the projects you’re planning on tackling.

100% Silicone Caulking

This type of caulking is what you will want in your shower and other places that get hit with a lot of water. What is great about 100% silicone is that when installed it will completely keep water out from the seams in your shower. It is waterproof and impenetrable making it the best option regarding your shower and bathtub. This caulking is also great around metal frames and sinks.

Unsanded Caulking

There are several different uses for unsanded caulking. When you have a floor or a wall that is using unsanded grout but is missing a piece, this is perfect. You can do almost any repair with unsanded caulking when you have unsanded grout. However, you can also use this around your back splashes or where your backsplash meets your countertop. You would not want to use this in showers.

Sanded Caulking

Sanded caulking is very similar to unsanded sailing just with granules in it. Its purposes and uses are similar as well. You would use this to repair sanded grout lines. You can also use this the same way with a backsplash. Sometimes it is just a matter of look as to why you would choose between sanded and unsanded caulking. Again though, you would not use this in a shower.

Painters Caulking

You would not use this type of caulking as a substitute for grout related caulking. This type of caulking is for what it says, painting. You would use this caulking around your trim, doors, and ceiling to get that perfectly straight line.

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By Grout Restoration Works 5-20-2020

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