How to Prevent Mold and Mildew

How to Prevent Mold and Mildew

Warm, moist areas with limited airflow are breeding grounds for mold. Not only is mold damaging to health it is also unsightly and can cause stains. Knowing how to remove mold is important but how much better to prevent it in the first place? There are some simple things you can do to keep your grout fresh and clean.

Dry Off Your Tiles

By removing moisture, you remove mold's ability to grow. Simply wiping down your tile after every use goes a long way towards preventing mold and mildew. Many choose to purchase a squeegee to keep in the bathroom so they can wipe down the walls after each shower but a cloth or towel can be just as effective. This may sound tedious but think of the hours saved scrubbing or even replacing your grout. Pay special attention to the corners where water can collect and sit for long periods. You can shake down your curtain liner to remove moisture and be sure to clean it regularly along with the other surfaces.

Remove Moisture from the Air

An important factor in the growth of mold is the humidity levels in the room. Bathrooms are going to get wet, but the important factor is minimizing the amount of time they stay wet.

After you take a shower, do you have to wipe down the mirror just to see yourself? This moisture is not just collecting in your mirror, but every surface in the room. Most bathrooms have an exhaust fan and that is for good reason. Make sure to use this feature during and after a shower or bath until the area is dry.

Another effective solution is to simply open some windows and the door to allow the air to circulate. This is great to do in the bathroom but also in the rest of your home to keep the air fresh and balanced. It is also necessary to leave the shower curtain or door open until your shower stall is dry.

Other factors to Consider

Hanging your towel after use can dry it more quickly. The longer towels stay wet the longer the air will stay humid. Simply keeping tile and grout free of soap scum will also help tremendously, so maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is important.

Fix leaking fixtures so water is not constantly present, plus you will save money on your water bill! Grout is the perfect place for mold because of its porous nature. Be sure to apply a good sealer upon installation as well as regularly thereafter. It is recommended that you reseal it at least every year, though every 6 months is preferable.

By Grout Restoration Works 6-1-2021

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