Keep Your Caulking Clean

One of the over looked places to clean in the shower is the caulking! This can develop mold and mildew on it and behind it. Grout Restoration Works wants to help you when you need it most. We are your team of certified professionals that can help you replace and remove old caulking and install a new bead that will make your shower or tub look like new. Here are the tips and trick needed to help keep your shower looking beautiful.

Make sure to clean it regularly. With a vinegar water solution, you’ll be able to keep it clean and notice any black spots that are coming up from behind. This will help you keep your eye on things for when you need to get your caulking replaced. If a simple cleaning won’t take away those spots, then it’s time for a new caulking job to be done. In doing so we are able to apply an anti-mildew treatment to the seams to ensure that any mildew behind the wall is killed as well.

However, we want to take preventative measures before it gets to this point. The biggest preventative measure that can be taken is to wipe up any water after use of the shower or tub that is on the tile and caulking. This will do much to help keep your shower clean and look beautiful. The only thing needed is a squeegee and designated towel to wipe up the water. Make sure to really focus on the seams where the caulking is. This is the most likely spot for water to hang out at.

Grout Restoration Works is here to help you with all your grout and tile needs. Whether you need your caulking replaced or your tile and grout cleaned, we can do it! Our system consists of environmentally friendly steam that extracts all the dirt and grime from the grout and tile. We are all about the beauty for your home. Let Grout Restoration Works help you with all your tile and grout needs.

By Grout Restoration Works 10-30-2018

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