All About Epoxy Grout

All About Epoxy Grout

Once installed, grout does not get a lot of attention. It is just there filling the gaps between your beautiful tiles. Yet, if your grout gets stained or starts eroding your perspective shifts. Suddenly, that grout has your undivided attention. Now, it is the most visible part of your tiled floor, wall, or backsplash. The solution, of course, is replacing the grout so your tile resumes its starring role.

Selecting new grout often leaves homeowners confused. It is not just grout, there is a variety of grout types. You do not want to repeat this process, so which type is best? Grout Restoration Works recommends choosing epoxy grout. Why? Here are some excellent reasons you should strongly consider it...

Do you enjoy scrubbing grout to get it clean? Probably not, so you will love how easy it is to clean epoxy grout. Unlike traditional cement grout, it is not porous. Those pores allow dirt and stains to really settle in. Due to the smooth surface epoxy grout creates, grime and spills wipe up easily. It is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and high-traffic floors.

The second benefit of using epoxy grout is also due to its non-porous surface. It is highly water- resistant. This quality is important in the bathroom where grout can get saturated and stay wet for hours daily. That constant water-logging leads to crumbling and erosion with concrete grout. You will not have that problem with epoxy grout. Water does not penetrate it, staying on the surface until it dries.

Yes, epoxy grout is more expensive than concrete grout. But it lasts longer and stands up to the heavy demands in wet, messy, and well-traveled spaces. Consider the time and money you will be saving thanks to its super easy cleanability and inability to absorb moisture. Now add the fact that it also flexes. So, as your house shifts with weather changes and age, the grout moves with it. Meanwhile, concrete grout cracks and crumbles because it's not designed to move with everything around it. Obviously, paying a little more for grout offers smarter use of money in several important ways.

You are probably wondering why you did not learn all this about epoxy grout a long time ago. It is the best material to keep your tile looking great for many years to come. But before you rush off to tackle applying it as your next DIY project, a word of warning. Epoxy grout is tricky to work with. It is quite different from concrete grout and calls for some special skills.

How tricky? Well, not all tile pros know how to work with it. So, it is no weekend project. But today is your lucky day. Grout Restoration Works installs it. We would love to give you a free estimate and answer all your questions. That is the best way to approach any home improvement project, isn't it? Arm yourself with good information and a contractor with lots of experience in the task at hand.

By Grout Restoration Works 9-17-2020

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