Should You Pick Tile or Carpet

Should You Pick Tile or Carpet

Doing inside renovations to the home is common in the winter. You’re able to work inside and make your home look beautiful. When it comes to updates to the flooring of your home you might be caught between which material to put down. Carpet and tile are of the two popular types of flooring material. However, different materials are suited for different types of families. The differences between the two materials have both their pro and cons.


Tile comes in diverse types such as ceramic and porcelain. Such material has shown over time to be strong and durable throughout the kids constantly playing throughout the home and the dog and cats following them. With the strength of tile, it makes it an easy pick if you’re looking for something that will pass the test of time. Color and pattern comes at no end when it comes to your tile options. Once you’ve picked the perfect tile you might be wondering exactly how much to get. One of the many pros to tile is the fact if a tile cracks it can be easily replaced without having to replace the whole floor. You’ll want to make sure that you get some extra tile just for that. This is the same with cracked tile. Repairs come with ease and so does the cleaning and maintenance of it.


Can carpet be as easy as tile? Carpet is one of the most comfortable options. It also helps in insulating your home to help keep the warm air circulating throughout the winter. Warmth is key in the winter and if you have kids roaming around the house playing all the time, being able to soften the noise is also a must. Carpet acts as a noise dampener to help keep you from hearing all the ruckus. Years of running around on the same track in the house can cause traffic patterns and unwanted stains. These can be difficult to clean to the desired level. On another note carpet costs more.

So, What’s the Sum Up?

  1. Tile is more durable.
  2. Tile costs less.
  3. Tile is easier to clean.

These are just two floor options to put in your home. There are many more to choose from. It’s always important to do your research before making such a big purchase. If you currently have tile in your home though you might not need to update with new tile or another type of flooring. Grout Restoration Works is helping homes all across the greater Toronto area to restore their tile and grout to looking like new! We give free home estimates. Calls us today!

By Grout Restoration Works 10-17-2017

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