Signs of a Good Tile Job

Signs of a Good Tile Job

It is important to always work with a licensed professional when commissioning any tile work. We have found many customers experiencing issues with their tiles, and usually the problem is the result of poor installation. You need to know what to look for after an installation to ensure the job’s done properly. Read on to find out how you can identify a quality tile job versus a not so good one.

Signs of a Good Job

Here are the hallmarks of good workmanship. Have this list handy when you review an installer’s work. Make sure:

  • Installation in bathtubs and showers should be checked to ensure floors and drains are flush with one another. If not, drains will not operate properly
  • Patterns and colors fit the agreement with the contractor
  • Tiles are laid in an even pattern
  • Wall boards are properly recessed (anchored prior to being placed)
  • Transitions between hardwood, granite and other materials are seamless and clean
  • Underlayments and subfloors are evenly buffed and polished before laying grout
  • Cut tiles used in corners or perimeter of room are pattern-consistent

Signs of a Bad Job

  • Poor installations are an eyesore at the least and potential hazards at their worst. These are giveaways of a lousy tile job.
  • Cracked or separated grout
  • Crooked lines and corners not lined up
  • Lifting of tiles
  • Lack of clean tile cuts
  • Popping up or overhangs in corners
  • Excessive caulking in difficult areas like corners
  • Leaking water or improper draining
  • Tiles not tucked beneath door jams or butting right up to them

Most of these gaffes are a poor installer’s attempt to hide their mistakes or to get a job done quickly. Make sure you know exactly what the installer plans and to review their work as soon as possible. Also have some sort of customer satisfaction guarantee. A reputable installer will want to make sure the final look is exactly what the customer wanted.

You want a look that is beautiful, safe and long-lasting. When inspecting newly installed tiles, knowing what to keep an eye out for saves you time and ensures you get what you are paying for.​

The best ways to avoid poor tile installation is to work with a trusted and experienced contractor like Grout Restoration Works. We are transparent, hardworking and stand by the quality of every completed job. And we are ready to work with you on whatever issues you have. Call us today!

By Grout Restoration Works 10-8-2020

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