How to Care for Your Backsplash

How to Care for Your Backsplash

There are endless applications for tile around your home. From flooring to showers, tile is an easy, low-maintenance option. One popular use for tile is for kitchen backsplashes. A kitchen backsplash is incredibly easy to care for, but to keep it looking in tip-top shape, it does require just a few things. And your friends at Grout Restoration Works are going to break this subject down for you.

Daily Care

As you know, daily maintenance for your backsplash does not consist of much. But to showcase the natural beauty of your tile, be sure to take the time to wipe it down after each cooking session. Any food or grease that may be stuck to your backsplash should be easy to remove using a damp towel. If stubborn food remains, you can spray it down with water or a tile safe cleaner to help loosen the debris. Be sure to only use cleaners that are safe to use on your specific type of tile so that it does not strip off the protective coating. Additionally, any steel scrubbing pads should be avoided since these are also too harsh on your tile. If you notice your tile looking cloudy, this is probably just soap residue. You can remove it with some water.

Annual Care

Most professionals recommend that you seal your grout every 1-3 years. This is a relatively easy job that should not take too much time to accomplish and it is the main way to defend your backsplash against becoming dingy, discolored, or damaged. To get started, make sure to research what kind of sealer works best for your tile and purposes. Once you have selected your sealer, thoroughly clean the backsplash. This will aid in helping the sealer to adhere properly to the surface. Then just follow the directions listed on the manufacturer’s packaging to apply the sealer.

If you currently have a typical cement-based grout for your kitchen backsplash, you may want to consider switching to an epoxy grout for an even more easy-care option.

If you find yourself needing or simply wanting new grout for any of the tiled areas in your home, Grout Restoration Works would be happy to help! In addition to re-grouting, we are available to clean, seal, or stain your grout. Whatever your tile and grout needs are, we are ready to assist you. Give us a call today!

By Grout Restoration Works 12-7-2020

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