Mistakes You Might Be Making When Cleaning Your Grout

Mistakes You Might Be Making When Cleaning Your Grout

Cleaning grout can be a real chore. At times, it can be difficult to get it as clean as you want it. So, it makes sense that you would want to find tips and tricks that make the job a little easier. As the experts in grout and tile cleaning and restoring, we know which tips work and which ones do more harm than good. Here’s our list of grout cleaning methods that we think you should ditch immediately.

Using Bleach

When you’re faced with stubborn, dingy grout, pulling out your most powerful cleaner should make sense. The reality is, though, that bleach is just too harsh to use on your tile and grout. It can cause erosion as well as discoloration. Two things that you don’t want to befall your grout.

Using Vinegar

In your quest to find alternatives to bleach, you may turn to vinegar. And while vinegar can be very useful around the house, it can be too acidic for your grout. Because most grout is cement based, the high acidity in vinegar will break it down and dissolve it. Meaning that you will need to regrout sooner than you should.

Not Changing Your Mop Water

Because tile and grout are porous materials, things can soak and settle into their pores if they’re not sealed properly. For instance, dirty mop water. When you’re mopping, it's essential to keep that water clean so that you don’t stain your tile and grout or spread germs. Once you notice the water looks murky, just go ahead and make up a new batch. Or you may consider switching to a steamer when it comes to cleaning your hard floor surfaces. In a similar vein, be wary of colorful cleaning agents as these may stain your grout and tile as well. A neutral-colored cleanser may be your best bet.

And when your grout and tile need something stronger than your everyday clean, Grout Restoration Works is here to help. Our highly trained technicians use green technology to restore your grout and tile surfaces to their original beauty.

By Grout Restoration Works 8-2-2021

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