How to Avoid Stains in Your Shower Tub and Pan

How to Avoid Stains in Your Shower Tub and Pan

If you have ever had a metal shaving cream can in your shower you probably quickly realized the poor choice you made to leave it in your shower. It will quickly start to rust in such a wet and moist environment causing stains to appear on your shower tub or floor. Grout Restoration Works has seen it all when it comes to cleaning and repairing showers. We want to help you avoid the mistake of accidentally staining the inside of your shower. Here are some basic things that you want to avoid leaving in your shower.

As we stated before, one of the items that you never want to leave in the shower are any metal cans. This will leave rust stains on your shower pan, tub, or tile floor that you have in your shower. Shaving cream comes in a can so there isn’t much you can do about that. Just make sure that you’re diligent about not just about taking it out of your shower but also that you wipe the water off it. It would be a shame if you just ended up allowing a rust stain to develop somewhere else in your bathroom.

Another stain that you need to be worried about developing is a calcium deposit stain. These types of stains mainly appear when you have tile flooring in your shower. As the water sits on the floor time after time, the calcium in the water will start to build up, leaving little white veins on your grout. The only way to be able to get rid of these is by completely removing your grout and replacing it. Most don’t want to go through the cost and process of this. The solution to avoid it is very simple and easy though, just wipe up your shower floor after each use.

Is your bathtub, shower pan, or sink turning pink? This is often the cause of Serratia, which is a pathogen that can cause infection. This pathogen thrives in wet areas. It comes in through the windows, clothing, and pets. Then it finds the perfect breeding ground to grow. The best defense is to not give it a growing place, that means wiping up your sink, tub and shower pan after each use. This can seem like a waste of time, but it never is when it comes to your health.

Grout Restoration Works have been able to get many stains off tiles, bathtubs, shower pans, and the like. There isn’t much that we haven’t seen. If you have stains, dirty tile and grout, or grout that is falling out then give us a call today! We can get you scheduled for a free home estimate.

By Grout Restoration Works 10-22-2019

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