Ideal Places for Ceramic Tile

Ideal Places for Ceramic Tile

When your grout or tile needs a little love, Grout Restoration Works is ready to help you out. But for most people, having a low maintenance tile option is ideal so that their need for TLC is further and farther in between. Not only does the type of tile you choose play a factor in how low maintenance it is, the area where you place that tile matters as well. Which is why we want to discuss some of the best places to put a very popular tile material, ceramic tile.

Where to Put Ceramic Tile


The kitchen is a very utilitarian space. It sees a lot of foot traffic and encounters many messes, which is why this tough type material is ideal for this space. Ceramic tile is a popular choice for kitchen flooring because it is easy to clean and can withstand spills and stains. It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to create a unique look for your kitchen.


Another highly used area of the home is the bathroom. Ceramic tile is an ideal choice for bathroom flooring not only because it is tough and can stand up to heavy use, but also because it is water-resistant and easy to clean. It can also be used on walls and shower enclosures to create a cohesive look in your bathroom.


Entryways and foyers are other high-traffic areas that can benefit from the durability of ceramic tile. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and dirt and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or mop.

Laundry Room

The laundry room needs flooring that can withstand elements from kitchens and bathrooms both. Namely, moisture and messes. The qualities of ceramic tile make it a practical choice for laundry room flooring because it is easy to clean and can withstand moisture from wet clothes and spills.

Outdoor Areas

Ceramic tile can be used on outdoor patios, pool decks, and walkways because it is durable and resistant to weather conditions. It can also be slip-resistant, making it a safe choice for wet areas.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules for where you can or cannot put tile in your home, but when you play to the strengths of ceramic tile by placing it in these areas, you can see how this tile type truly shines.

By Grout Restoration Works 5-1-2023

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