The Dangers of Cracked Grout

The Dangers of Cracked Grout

Everyone is familiar with cracked grout. At times it is just something that occurs as time goes on. Most often, though, it is a result of improper installation. Regardless of why it has happened, the question is, is it more than just an eyesore? Here is why cracked grout should not be ignored.

Cracked Tile

The first risk of cracked grout are cracked tiles. Without proper grout to bond your tiles in place, they can feel the full impact of foundation shifting and traffic. This, in turn, can lead to cracks in your tiles themselves or even cause them to break off in spots. Replacing tiles is far more expensive than replacing grout.

Once your grout and/or tiles are cracked, this exposes the subfloor and backerboard to excess water and grime. Left untreated, this could lead to structural damage.

Why It Happens

As we mentioned in the outset, cracked grout can be a result of wearing down from time. Things that contribute to this are things like, your home settling, temperature, and humidity. Cement based grouts are made to not move. But when other elements cause shifting, it will comprise the integrity of your grout.

Another root cause could mean that your grout was doomed from the start. Improper installation is often the culprit. If too much water is added to the mixture, this could result in a weak material that is rife with bubbles and pockets. The result is grout that is highly susceptible to cracking and breaking.

What to Do

Since problems can start from installation, the first thing you should do is to hire a professional to do the installation for you. Thankfully, it is becoming easier and easier to pick out qualified companies to do work. Make sure you research the reviews of any prospective company to ensure that you will have a good experience. You can look at what our satisfied customers have to say about us here! Grout Restoration Works is a team you can trust to skillfully install your grout. We are also experts at cleaning, staining, sealing your tile and grout.

By Grout Restoration Works 7-2-2021

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