Cheap Fixes Can Turn into an Expensive Problem

Cheap Fixes Can Turn into an Expensive Problem

Showers and baths are some of the most essential areas of our home. Most of them get used daily. Or if you have a large family, several times daily. All of that use will eventually take its toll on the key elements of your shower. Namely, your grout.

Imagine you are cleaning your bath or shower and notice a few little missing bits of grout. Perhaps you put off resealing the area because you reason, “It is only a little bit missing.” Or maybe you even wonder what all the hubbub surrounding grout is. Can it really be that important?

The short answer is, yes.

Not only does grout lock your tiles in place, but sealed grout in your shower area also protects the walls behind them. This is because the backer board that is placed behind your shower walls is not actually waterproof. So, when you neglect missing grout in wet areas like your shower, water finds its way to the walls behind. Since most of us use our showers quite regularly, the consistent, prolonged wetness will inevitably lead to mold and rot without you even noticing it for some time. And by the time you do notice it? Well, then you will have a costly problem on your hands.

So, what should you do if you notice missing grout in your shower? Reseal it! Resealing your grout every once in a while is vital to keeping the area waterproof. Not only is missing grout detrimental to the area behind it but grout itself is very porous. Applying a sealer to it will ensure that your grout does not absorb water. If it is allowed to absorb water, its life will be shortened. Epoxy grout, of course is the exception.

Grout sealer will cost you around $10, whereas removing mold from behind your shower will cost you thousands. Applying this sealer can be easily done yourself and will save you time and money in the long run.

Of course, nothing lasts forever, including grout. If you are wondering if your grout is about to give out, give us here at Grout Restoration Works a call! We specialize in all things grout. Replacement, resealing, cleaning, and staining. We can even upgrade your grout to epoxy grout so that you do not have to worry about maintenance as often.

By Grout Restoration Works 11-21-2019

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