What to Do About Stained Grout

What to Do About Stained Grout

Tiles are hardy, beautiful, and generally easy to clean. The grout that comes along with it, is not as easy to maintain. Particularly when discussing common cement-based grouts, homeowners often seek solutions to the problems associated with it. If you are tired of looking at stained, ugly grout, Grout Restoration Works would like to share some of our tips with you!

Step 1:

To get your grout prepped, take a stiff brush, and scrub the lines using a bit of warm water. Scrub in circular motions to dislodge any dirt and debris.

Step 2:

If the warm water alone is not doing the trick, grab some vinegar to up the ante. Fill a spray bottle with half warm water and half vinegar. Spray all over the grout and then allow it to sit for around five minutes. Then scrub.

Step 3:

Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply that to the grout lines. Then, spray your vinegar and water spray over top. The paste should react with the vinegar and begin to foam. Once the paste has stopped foaming, you can try scrubbing at it again.

Step 4:

If those efforts did not remove the stubborn stains on your grout, you may want to try using a bit of chlorine bleach. If you tested the vinegar methods before resorting to bleach, be extra vigilant to thoroughly clean and remove any vinegar remnants before applying the bleach. This is because bleach and vinegar when combined can emit toxic gases that can be harmful to you and your family.

If after trying all these tips you still have grout stains that will not come out, try giving Grout Restoration Works a call. We are experts in cleaning and repairing grout and tile. And we can even stain your grout if you are interested in a fresh look. All our services are green and environmentally friendly.

By Grout Restoration Works 11-23-2020

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